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What is Dirtwater Springs?

Established in 1983 by Dick and Elaine Parks, Dirtwater Springs has been a place for locals and visitors to make enjoy delicious food, make friends and feel nostalgic. The restaurant is rustic with it’s plank floors and brass bar fixtures. Patrons can see the history of the South West in the decor and antiques that are scattered around the building.

Can you survive the 72 oz steak?

It’s only 72 oz of prime, juicy, mouth watering meat! We serve it with your choice of soup or side salad, choice of potato, vegetable and dinner roll. Eat it all in a hour and we bought it! Can you survive the 72 oz steak challenge?

Now Serving Absinthe!


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We are located on 586 Apache Trail in Apache Junction. Please call for specials.

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